Name KOHAMEA was created from two words, that mean “gift” and “spirit”. Our mission is to share the spirit of love for surfing, yoga and traveling. The spirit of exploring ourselves and the world.

KOHAMEA is about following the passion and experiencing stoke and bliss that comes from surf & yoga travels.

KOHAMEA is about respecting and caring for our planet. Cultivating the feeling of oneness with all that’s around us and creating long lasting habits, to make positive impact.

Who we are

Helena – Founder

I’m originally from Poland, where I spent most of my life. In 2014 I went on my first solo trip to Canary Islands, where I took my very first surf lesson and I got hooked. I came back home only to quit my job and buy one way ticket to Bali. Before I left Poland I worked 10hr (or longer) days in advertising agency. In Bali I qualified to become yoga teacher and that’s been my job since then.

I lived in Indonesia for a year, spending most time in Bali and few months in Lombok. It will always be a very special place for me as I found there true love. Love for simple life, surfing, yoga and a man – Luke, my husband. Now we live in Newcastle, Australia where I try to surf as often as I can, which is quite hard when being mum of a toddler.

KOHAMEA was my long time dream of creating place for community of likeminded people. I felt the most inspired to follow my passion and step out of my comfort zone, when I was surrounded by people who did the same. People who often chose other way of living than usual 9-5.

I want to share that spirit of love for surfing, yoga and discovering new amazing places around and within. Inspire and encourage to follow your passion.

Most of all share stoke and bliss that come from surf & yoga travels!

kathrina Denk

Kathrina Denk

I was born and raised in landlocked Austria surrounded by mountains but no beach. As long as I can remember I loved being in the water. My first holiday alone was with my best friend at a surf camp in France and since then I knew I want to live close to the beach. During university I did a semester abroad in Portugal and spent every free minute in the Water. In 2016, after finishing uni I got lucky enough to find an internship in Sydney, moved to the Northern Beaches and never left since then.

I try to spend as much time as possible in the water or on my yoga mat. For me the ocean is a place where I can recharge my batteries and also stillness – far away from my phone and laptop. 

I’m stoked to be able to share my favourite surf, yoga and hangout spots with you guys.



Dana Hamann

Hello, my name is Dana Hamann! Born and raised in San Diego, California I learned to surf at a young age and spent many days at the beach with my family as a little girl. The ocean was always a place I went when I needed to slow down and remember how beautiful life really is.

At 18 I moved to O’ahu, Hawai’i to pursue my island dreams. Surfing in warm water and learning to live a simple life. It was paradise, magical and blissful. My eyes were opened by the culture and strength these island people held. I was truly inspired by this. The lessons I learned from watermen and women rooted in me the power to dance along life with a smile and a heart of love.

After some world adventures I have found a cozy spot in Bali with my partner. We are now building our own surf guide company and hope to build an eco homestay with yoga classes too.

I’m passionate about living a simple and natural life and nothing makes me happier than sharing this with like minded souls. My mission is to encourage as many people to make a more holistic lifestyle change and heal themselves from within. With a healthy body and a happy mind it is possible to have the life of your dreams!

Michelle Travaglione_avatar

Michelle Travaglione

Kaya, Wanju (Hello & Welcome in Noongar language) My name’s Michelle Travaglione. I’m a Perth local who starts every single day at the beach (rain, hail or shine). I’m a keen surfer, diver, swimmer and outdoor adventure enthusiast. I would like to acknowledge the Whadjuk Noongar People as the traditional owners of the land I call home.

I run a small business called ‘BeBuoyant’, which offers yoga & surf guidance to help you float. What is buoyancy? Buoyancy is the feeling experienced in Savasana, or the sensation while floating in salty water. It’s treading lightly wherever you go and leaving no trace. I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher & ASI Level 1 Surf Coach. I will be teaching yoga and running private surf lessons/guidance in Perth until January 2020. From January onwards, I will be traveling around Australia and continue sharing my passion for yoga and the ocean from various locations. 

I’ve traveled to many corners of the globe, but always return to my roots in Western Australia. I have a deep connection to the ocean and a huge appreciation for the natural world. As a result of spending most of my time outdoors and in nature, I try to promote sustainable living, to ensure future generations can equally enjoy our planet. 


Jarra Campbell

Founder of the Bondi Alchemist Women’s Sustainable Surf & Activewear That Stays On.

My love affair with swimwear and the ocean began as soon as I can remember. I grew up by the beach in a beautiful coastal town named Cronulla, most of my adult life was spent in the ocean at the iconic Bondi Beach Australia.

My love affair with surfing came at 33, after moving to Bali and deciding I MUST finally learn. I don’t know why I never did before but I haven’t stopped since and never ever will. I’m now based in Portugal with the love of my life who works with me on tBA.


Lukene Sotomayor

Hola! My name is Lukene. I was born in Mexico and currently living in Vancouver Island.

I grew up with a deep admiration for nature, specially for the ocean. It is my primary source to find energy, calm, and inspiration to do what I like the most nowadays: painting and photography.

I started surfing when I was 21 years old, I am 23 now. I am not where I wanna be quite yet. But I love it cause it keeps me in constant growth as it is super challenging but overall fun.

My overall goal is to share inspiration, knowledge and tips to motivate people to move and experience amazing things.

chelsea_ avatar

Chelsea Denning

I live in Oceanside, California and have a passion for traveling and exploring cultures and waves around the world.

I love going off the beaten path on surf trips to places like Haiti and India. The majority of my travel has all been done with my 3 young kids (ages 5, 3 and 1) who have been to over 20 countries with me in the last 3 years.

When I am not traveling I am working as a digital marketing specialist.

I hope to encourage others to explore our beautiful world!

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