First time I experienced fully what “less is more” means, was when I packed a 8kg backpack and decided that’s all that I own now. It finally felt like being free.

Funny thing was that I had tens pairs of shoes, wardrobe full of clothes and if someone told me couple months earlier that I’m going to let go of all of that, pack a pair of snickers, flip flops, only couple of clothes, I would not have believed it. 

I decided to change my life and to carry a bag full of unnecessary belongings with me wasn’t the way to go.

Below you will find 5 reasons why less is more for me. It is a very personal and subjective article. I hope you find some inspiration here!

Why less is more, not only while traveling 

1. It is lighter

That’s the obvious reason. You don’t have to carry heavy luggage. If you master packing light you can take advantage of cheap airlines and have only your carry on bag with you. Also you can quickly pack and go whenever you need.

2. Less stress

No more worrying about what to wear, you just wear what you have. You learn to have less attachment to how you look. That is something that I completely loved while living on an island. Of course I would still like to look good, but I would happily spend most of the day wearing bikini and loose shirt. That also feels like freedom, when you stop worrying about things like “I need to by new dress for the party”. Once you get used to owning less you may even forget how it feels to “need to buy something new”.

3. It’s sustainable 

One of the main and easiest to apply actions for being more sustainable is BUY LESS. Use resources that you already have instead of constantly buying new stuff. Honestly you don’t need anything new, as long as you have something that is wearable or usable. I know it may sound boring and we are so use to wanting and buying, it can be hard to change this habit but it is rewarding. For you and the planet!

4. You appreciate more

When you have less by choice, you appreciate more what you have. When you make a decision of owning just as many clothes as would fit in the bag, you most certainly own clothes that you really like. Having just a necessary amount of furniture, plates, etc. makes you realise how little you really need to live a comfortable life.

5. You get to experience more

I put this point last cause it always cause a dilemma. I want to see and experience as many new places as I can. But then I remember, that staying in one place for longer can create something much more valuable. You start getting to know local people, make one of the places your favourite cafe. You discover hidden alleys. Waves you surf everyday feels more familiar. You can completely ease into experiencing instead of adjusting and learning new all the time.

Side note:

I experienced less is more when I left Poland and moved to live in Bali. My partner said once “it’s like being on holiday, it’s not normal life” and it kinda was… Applying less is more while living in Australia and having a family is different. First of all I’m not able to wear swimwear + loose shirt all the time, but I still try not to get into the madness of having, owning, buying.

Preserving this feeling of freedom that comes with “less is more”.

Let me know if “less is more” also for you? What aspect of your life is the most challenging to apply less is more rule?

Helena Created by Helena Jan 12, 2020