Catching up with Yeni Canelón, founder of Salti Hearts an authentic retreat for women, talking about Salti Hearts story, life in Bali and how the Covid-19 pandemic affected her everyday life.

Hi Yeni, how are you? Is that even a good question to start conversation with now?

Hi! Thanks for having me.

I’m doing well. Trying to stay positive and hopeful. I guess the whole world is feeling all the feelings.

Yes, very true, but before we dive into the current situation, tell us more about Salti Hearts, when and how it was created?

Salti Hearts is my dream lifestyle project. It was created 5 years ago. 

Actually the past 23rd of March we celebrated our 5th Anniversary, we have met over 600 women or more along the way, our tribe is growing organically and beautifully and we couldn’t be happier. 

Salti Hearts is a home away from home. It’s a place where all the women that choose to stay and get Salti with us can be truly themselves. It’s a great opportunity for them to drop all the labels they have been given or put on themselves. With the intention that they can disconnect from normal routines and life and tune into their beings and allow themselves to embrace every single day, slow down and experience a life changing adventure while meeting like minded women and creating friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Salti Hearts group photo

That’s amazing! So pretty much your dreams have become your life, how awesome is that! 🙂 Talking about dream life, I know your story has been featured in the book “Make A Living Doing What You Love”, can you tell us more about it? 

Oh! Thank you! 

It’s very surreal and I’m so grateful to be able to make a living doing what I love the most. 

I met Nina the author around 5 years ago during my first year running Salti Hearts retreats and it was an instant connection. She experienced a Salti retreat and it was wonderful to spend time together.

I remember when I first receive an email from her asking me if I wanted to be a part of her first book “Make a living doing what you love”, must say the name absolutely resonated with me right away. I felt so honoured and exited for being part of a very unique book, where I could share my story alongside other 25 creative people from around the globe who have made a living doing what they love as well. 

While I’m writing this, on my desk I can see the book right in front of me that is very surreal. It’s a wonderful sensation to be featured in a book, which is in 4 different languages and is in book stores worldwide. My hope is for everyone that gets their copy to get as inspired by all this incredible stories where all of us stepped out of our comfort zone and took the step to create the life we have always dreamed off.

Sounds amazing! Tell me what do you love the most about running Salti Hearts retreats?

Well that is a very good questions, I mean I love everything!!! 

However what I love the most and brings me so much joy is the Tribe, is all those women that I open our doors to and we have all become a family, globally! 

It is creating soulful connections with them and knowing that the time they spend with us has brought them light, peace, a deeper connection and appreciation for themselves. As well realising how important it is to take time for them while stepping out of their comfort zone by trying new things, like surfing, yoga or even just opening up to strangers and sharing their story from the heart.

It’s that incredible feeling of bringing women together and letting the magic that falls in throughout the Retreat. 

Thank you ladies for being my favorite part and allowing me to grow, get inspired, nourish my soul and make me a better human.

Salti Hearts_ Yeni

I remember, that I had a booking for one of your retreats, but in the last moment this lady decided not to travel overseas because of the virus. It was at the beginning of this year and I remember thinking that it might be a bit overreacting, that it’ll probably be gone within a month or so. I think no one expected how much it is going to impact the whole world! Do you remember your thoughts when you first heard about the virus?

I think lost of us, thought it was going to pass sooner than later, however personally I never expected for this to go global so quick and for it to be so devastating for humanity. 

However there is always a silver lining, the planet seems to be loving the fact that all factories, big companies are shut down in the entire world + people staying at home, flight restrictions has cause a moment for nature to revive! So for that I’m very content; I’m sure the oceans and all animals are breathing and living a little bit better because of this outbreak.

I know the price is very high and there is a lot of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, but the one thing we know for sure right now is that we are all in this together. The entire world has shown kindness and that there is still humanity in us and we will overcome this, as long as we all as a collective, take the measurements and stay home and safe.

You live in Bali, how does the life on the Island of Gods look now?

Yes, Bali is my Home! 

It’s very different that for sure, is quieter and less traffic on the roads and not so much pollution, the skies are more blue, the volcano’s are rising every morning and no planes are heard since 2 weeks ago. 

It’s a surreal experience we are all living, however Bali is not and in my opinion it won’t be going into a full lock down, for the economy or the sanity of their population, this is a 3rd world country where a lot of people make a living in an everyday base.

So, I guess they are taking the restrictions they can allowed them to do and in their best way trying to control the virus.

P.s. The island still looks as beautiful or perhaps more beautiful than before.

Salti Hearts Yeni sunset

What do you do to navigate thru this uncertain time? What helps you calm your mind?

Having my 3 doggies have helped me a lot, not only cause they are great companions, very cute but also cause they keep me busy and moving. So I spend a solid hour in the morning walking / running with them and breathing fresh air and also in the evening, so we all get our little dose of sunshine and we get our steps done!

I also have been taking time to practice some Yoga and have definitely taking the time every morning to mediate to calm down the mind and set up the energy for my day, as well it has helped me cultivate patience and hope during this difficult times.

I also incorporate in my daily routines a sweaty home workout and lately what gives me the most joy this days is a great hour of Zumba!!! Dancing is not only a way to workout but it’s a way to self express and release a lot of what’s not serving you. I love it! Everyone should try it!!

And ultimately, taking the time to balance my work / home activities  / puppy time / self-care time / and chilling on my couch enjoying a good show or reading a book.

No one of us has any idea how long it’s going to last and how the world will look after the pandemic. What would be your wish for the world and yourself? 

I just wish that for now everyone is staying home and safe, as well I hope that this horrible and sad situation brings us closer to each other and makes us realise that we need to be kinder with each other, ourselves and the planet. 

The sun always shines after the storm, so I’m sure we might all be better humans, more conscious and aware of what really matters and how we impact this path we walk along.

Thanks for sharing that with us Yeni!

Thank you for having me, it’s been wonderful to be able to share my story with others.

Hopefully people get inspired to make their dream come true or make them smiled during this quarantine we call life this days. 

Cause even when things seem unfair, difficult or blur there is a chance for us to step back and look at every situation with a different perspective and grow from it.

Stay safe!

Love, Yeni x