Meet Holly Jan – boss babe behind Milk Espresso & Lucky Laundry, living the dream in Kuta Lombok. 
Read more to find out what to do, where to be and of course where you can find the best longboard waves while staying in Kuta Lombok

Hi Holly, when did you come to Lombok for the first time?

I first came to Lombok in 2014 with my family for a vacation. It was super quiet, still really undeveloped, only 1 western restaurant and not many tourists around. It’s changed so much over the years, now there is quite a variety of western cafes and restaurants… lots of tourists coming to surf and holiday here and it’s developing pretty fast.

What made you stay in Lombok?

I was living in Bali with my family and decided Lombok was a nicer place to live and start a business

Tell us how looks your usual day?

Wake up around 7am, have a morning coffee and hang out at my cafe Milk Lombok and then surf for the rest of the day

That sound like a pretty good day, which are your favourite surf spots in Lombok?

My favourite spots are Tanjung A’an, Inside and Outside Gerupuk

Favourite places to hang out?

Milk Espresso (cafe / restaurant) , The Rooftop (bar), Bush Radio (cafe), Markisa (restaurant), Tanjung A’an (beach), Seger beach – for sunset and to watch the surfers

Any must see/do while in Lombok?

Definitely check out the sunsets at Bukit Merese, do a trip to all of the beautiful beaches, snorkelling trip to the small Gilis

Is Lombok save, were you here during the earthquakes last year (July-August 2018)?

Yes I was here in South Lombok when the earthquakes occurred last year. It was a hard time for everyone but we all got through it together. All of the locals and expats supported each other and although it was a very traumatic time, it was lovely to see the community come together and support each other.

If you could go on a surf trip anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Baja is definitely on my list! Scorpion bay looks like lots of fun on a longboard, Batu Karas in Java and Sri Lanka

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