If you are into surfing and yoga you probably heard of Kori Hahn aka @alaskanomad founder of Santosha Society. She’s not only a surfer and yogi, she’s been facilitating retreats around the world for the last couple years, created beautiful online meditation and journaling courses and most of all she’s all about helping you tap into your intuition and start living your dream life!

Recently she bought a house in Sri Lanka, launched a podcast and started online group program The Soul Sessions. That’s more than enough reasons to catch up with Kori and talk about her feature plans.

I can’t imagine better time to talk about future plans than the beginning of the year! But before we look into what 2020 has in store, tell us what 2019 was like?

Hello! thank you for asking. 

In 2019, I ran 5 retreats around the world. Three of those in new destinations (France, Bali, and a new spot in Morocco). Then I also had two retreats in Sri Lanka again. I ran my first group program online which was a great success in many ways. I launched a podcast too! Oh right, and I also offered a free 7-day meditation experience for those who wanted to “have an experience” with me. 

At the end of 2019, I started realizing how busy this year actually was. It was full of lots of fun and big accomplishments but it left me wanting to feel calmer and more grounded in 2020.   

So, I am super excited about what’s to come… even if that is a whole lot of relaxing and chilling out. 

Kori Hahn photo by Simon Fitz

It does sound like a busy year! Tell us more about your podcast “The Soul Sessions”, what was the idea behind starting it? What we can expect to learn from new episodes?

The Soul Sessions Podcast is a space to talk about all things soulful. This podcast allows me to just talk about the things I love and care about, mainly health and happiness. Sometimes there are guests and sometimes I just go on a tangent. I might use a book I am reading or a subject I am studying to inspire the conversation. But these conversations are all guided to inspire, motivate and help you heal and find greater happiness.  

While I certainly am a yoga teacher, my love for health and happiness extend much further than yoga. In the first few episodes, we dive into (1) my great transformation and how my life has drastically changed in the last few years.  (2) healing with music with my dear friend and amazing musician Amber Riya. (3) a guide to anxiety for everyone (4) a conversation about when things fall apart (5) all things ayurveda.

I just listened to the episode 4 and it definitely resonates with me!

Another thing I wanted to ask you about is your decision to leave Bali and move to Sri Lanka.

It was just time for a change and a little modest house just fell right into my lap. I have always loved Sri Lanka, so my little family decided to give it a try. So far, so good. 

Kori Hahn photo by Simon Fitz

At Kohamea we are all about surf & yoga travels, why Sri Lanka is a great place to visit when it comes to surf and yoga?

Sri Lanka is lovely for those who aren’t looking for advanced waves. Everything about Sri Lanka is begging you to just chill out. After surfing you still have plenty of temples to explore and time in the day to do your yoga. So I guess, it sure does make a perfect surf and yoga destination.

What are your favourite MUST SEE & DO in Sri Lanka?

Oh gosh, I am such a creature of habit. I tend to stick to the same meals at the same few restaurants. I surf the same waves every day. And the thing is, Sri Lanka is growing and there are so many new hotels, cafes, and spots to check out that I don’t even know exist!

With that said, a few top favorites are Verse Collective in Dickwella, surfing anywhere between Galle and Matara (just take a tuk tuk and explore). 

I have hiked Adams peak a lot, I love hiking and it is so beautiful. I stop at all the temples I see along the way.  The smaller less famous ones are my favorite. And of course, take the train anywhere. 

But just relax. See less and soak more.

I know you haven’t schedule any retreats for this year, are there any other options to practice with you and learn how to manifest the dream life?

You can join my free meditation experience – HERE

This is the best place to start (and it is completely free!)

What are your wishes for 2020, where will you be focusing your energy most?

This year I am focusing on relaxing more. But I will also try to finish up some big projects that I have put on the back burner for awhile such as finally getting my book out there in the world and completing renovations on my new home in Sri Lanka. But of course I will be creating podcasts and hanging on social media when I am drawn to do so.  

And personally, I just want to be with my son a lot more. Hanging on the beach. Simple really. 

That sound perfect! Last question, we just started IGTV series “Live Better” where we share tips, practices, stories to inspire others to live better 🙂 Can you share with us what you do to live better?

Meditation and a gratitude practice are two of the things that have drastically helped make my life a lot better. 

Every day, just a little bit, goes a long way!