We were invited to join special week-long retreat at Xanadu Surf & Yoga.

Read first hand impressions from the retreat. Experienced & written by Dana Hamann

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I arrived in Lombok around noon and was greeted by my driver, a friendly local named Jeck. As we drove to Kuta, Lombok I was in awe at the peaceful surroundings.

Day 1 at Xanadu

Although it was not very green from lack of rain, the coconut trees and other fruit trees along the side of the road still seemed to flourish with abundance. It must have been the air. Upon entering Xanadu my eyes grew wide at the simple yet elegant decoration of the homestay. The atmosphere was vintage with wood and white, rattan and funky shaped furniture. Exotic mirrors, pictures and books scattered around. Lush green plants and flower trees were all around the property. A place for yoga above the dining area with a small spiral staircase leading up. In the center, a pool, clean and blue with water trickling over the edges.

Xanadu Surf & Yoga

Xanadu is chill, inviting and beautiful. I never want to leave. The staff is friendly and kind, chatting is an easy and enjoyable task to do.

I started with lunch catered by The Patio Lombok. DELICIOUS! With sweet potato hummus, lentils and cheese, mushrooms and pomegranate, and a coconut milk ceviche. Healthy, filling, and attractive. I was very impressed.

Next we trained at Loka with Anatomy Fitness. Pushing limits and finding inner strength while having fun, you cannot ask for much more exercising. Yin Yoga by Ashtari at Novotel was a soothing way to end the day. As we moved with the sun setting and sounds from the ocean it was easy to focus on your presence and breath, feeling uttermost peace. The teacher spoke clearly and demonstrated every pose as she guided us along this practice. Her cues were very directing making it easy to understand the correct positioning of your body.

Another spectacular meal from The Patio Lombok with three courses put me in a sleep mode. Now to enjoy my spacious and cozy room with air conditioning, good night.

It’s safe to say I will easily enjoy my time over the next week at Xanadu and will be torn as I part ways back to Bali.

Day 2 at Xanadu

Nothing I love more than waking up with the sun and starting my day doing what I love, surfing. We had a light breakfast with coffee and headed to Tanjung Aan to get in the water. A short boat ride out to the middle of the bay we were surrounded by an impeccable sight. The water was warm and clear and the waves were perfect for beginner to intermediate levels. Smiles all around as we enjoyed our morning out at sea. Heading back to Xanadu breakfast was prepared for us. Another wholesome meal leaving me very content and ready for the rest of my day. 

We wandered around the local markets and had good conversations. The vibe was calm and warm, I relished in this setting with these feelings. A Mediterranean lunch is always a good idea, so why not in Lombok?? The dining area is set up so nice for everyone to chat and enjoy their food together, you feel like your eating a holiday dinner with your family on an island paradise. Leading to good conversations and happy faces. It’s grand!

Coconut after surfing at Tanjung Aan

Shortly after we headed to the beach for another surf at Tanjung Aan. The surf coach for Xanadu is great! Funny and nice, patient and passionate, professional and timely, it is exactly what you need in a situation like this. Quickly befriending him we enjoyed our time in the water with the manager from Xanadu as well. It does not get more fun than this! The sunset was fabulous, watching it slowly disappear behind the big hills in the distance. As we drove back to camp the sky kept glowing and changing colors leaving us in silence as we all stared at the beauty. 

Tonight, I actually got to teach a yoga class! It was amazing and my heart leaped with joy at the opportunity in a setting I had always dreamed of. Followed by more delicious and healthy food my huge and comfortable bed was screaming at me to lay down. Sleep good! 

Day 3 at Xanadu

Day two waking up before the sun, there is no time to waste here. A light smoothie and coffee to start my day with only sounds from the roosters in the distance. We headed to a new beach, Are Guling. Ah, a beautiful sight, another bay surrounded by empty hills and open land. Even clearer water on the boat ride out to an epic wave. The crowd was a little more intense but I was on a 6’6 single fin making sure I would get my turn. I had a small barrel and a few long waves where I was able to pump down the line getting the speed I wanted. I was happy! Breakfast was yet again delicious and light with more coffee. 

Xanadu is the perfect atmosphere to be productive, its calm and peaceful, quiet and serene. I was able to get lots of work done feeling accomplished. A wonderful lunch with our team, happy smiles and full bellies all around. Time for siesta before heading to train at Loka with Ivan.

I love the group workouts! I feel motivated by others and inspired to motivate them. The intensity level was high and we were breaking boundaries to find our inner strength. I walked out with so much contentment. My heart felt like gold, my body was light and my smile was not fading. I looked around in complete gratitude for this experience, with these people, I am so blessed. Thank you universe! 

Xanadu retreat Surfing_Tanjung_Aan_Lombok
Photo by Ivan Torres

On our way back to Xanadu there was a ceremony in the street, we watched as the local village people celebrated a wedding. Bright colors, hundreds of people, local instruments and music, dancing, singing, laughing, the area was glowing with love. I couldn’t help but feel it too and remember why I was so drawn to Indonesia. The community, the culture, it’s powerful like no other. 

I feel like I have been here for more than three days, we are so comfortable with each other and are having fun joking around, enjoying our time. It is lovely. Our restorative yoga in the evening was incredible, I was really able to find and connect with my breath. Not sure if I have ever been so still and content with lying on a mat. The mosque was humming in the background as our teacher kindly guided us through the practice. I was beyond relaxed, I felt open and receptive to things much greater than me. Today was perfect, one I may never forget, my happiness was pure and I was nothing but love. 

We had a night out at The Patio Lombok, wearing out “nicest” clothes. The restaurant is set up beautifully and the food is absolutely amazing!!! WOW. I could eat this everyday. We had fish and shrimp, beef and risotto, eggplant and bread finishing with vegan chocolate mousse. Yum, we were all full and impressed to say the least. Selamat malam Lombok, thank you for having me and enlightening my soul with such enchanting experiences. See you with the sun tomorrow.   

Day 4 at Xanadu

Third time is a charm, right? Sunrise surfs have to be one of the best things. It was a bit bigger this morning at Are Guling, I was stoked! Being the only chick in the water I felt respected and like I had to prove I could hang with the boys. I took off on as many set waves as I could and was beaming a smile pumping down the line. There was one set that washed the line up in making us sit a little deeper than before. Again we had a great morning, happy vibes, fun, laughing and enjoying the company of like minded people in such a beautiful place. 

Gado-gado, a local rice, veggie, and peanut sauce breakfast was served with coffee at 9am. I already felt like I had down so much after waking up with the sun. I had more time to relax and do some work on my laptop. Fully at peace with exactly where I was. For lunch we ate squid, tomatoes, green salad, and quinoa. I am in awe with the way Juliette from The Patio Lombok has been preparing our meals. They are incredible! 

After we chilled around the pool ad enjoyed mid day heat before heading to Loka for another training session with Anatomy Fitness. Today whooped my butt! But it felt good and I can tell I am getting stronger being here. Being surrounded by the high energy of other people really helps push myself to be better. Very thankful for this week of knowledge and team building. 

Lombok Are Guling

We left the gym a little early to head down for another surf at Tanjung Aan and for Ivan to get some photos of the girls with Xanadu boards and sunset. Small and windy but we went out any way. Ivan and I stayed on the inside and had a mini photo shoot underwater and with the board as well. As the sun was setting Ola paddled over and we played, laughed, relished in the peaceful time we were having, another beautiful time. Bliss, seriously BLISS! 

We raced back for restorative yoga. After 2 surfs and a work out my body was drained but I headed up to the shala anyway to relax. I fell asleep in a few poses and took it very easy, listening to my body and enjoying the quiet atmosphere that was around. 

Spectacular dinner and conversations with all the guests, it was fun as usual and we all loved being around this diverse group of people. Tired to say the least I was quickly off to bed and sleeping shortly after. 

Day 5 at Xanadu

Finally sleeping in I felt completely rejuvenated and ready for the next three days of adventures! The beds here are like clouds, big and soft, warm blankets with the AC blowing in the room. Ahhh a good rest has me excited for our late morning surf now! Breakfast and coffee of course, we munched on a tomato and egg baked dish with watermelon juice and fresh dragon fruit. My tummy was happy and boy was I ready to get in the water.

Mawi! This has to be one of my favorite beaches in the world. Its beautiful, has waves, and lots of seashells to collect. As soon as we arrived I headed straight to the shoreline in search of ocean gifts and quickly came up with two handfuls of shells. My heart was racing with excitement and my mind was dreaming of all the crafts I would make. 

I paddled out to a line up of 10 people and within almost no time there were only 4. YES! Rights and lefts were coming through as it was not breaking overhead and the tide was high. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but here. The water was clear and warm, the sun was shining high over head and Arit (our local guide) and I was frothing with no one in the water. I caught plenty of waves and was happy as I ran up the shore. 

Xanadu Sunset Yoga

Ivan wanted to do some shooting over the cliff so Ola and I gracefully walked up on the hot sand and rocks to be greeted with a spectacular view of more bays and empty beaches with white sand and turquoise water. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO! Fully at peace with myself and connected with nature. We enjoyed taking some photo and video in this magical place. I even got a moment of yoga captured on the rocks, in my element to say the least. Yoga and the ocean. 

After chilling on the beach we headed back to our place and prepared for lunch at The Patio Lombok. Again completely impressed how everything on the menu is fabulous. Absolutely no complaints about the food here. We headed down to a secret beach for sunset yoga led by me and a beach BBQ after. This was my favorite meal. How could it not be? Grilled fish, veggies, rice and a beer at sunset time with a candle light dinner on the sand. Beauty and peace to the max. My heart has been overflowing since I got to Lombok and this was just the cherry on top. Oh Lombok, you dreamy place. I will not forget this trip, EVER. Some drinks with my new friends and a good sleep after that. 

Day 6 at Xanadu

Indonesian Thanksgiving. An American holiday celebrating what you are grateful for. How perfect that I am here, doing what I love with complete gratitude on this holiday. Even though I am far from my family my heart is near, always, and my love for them is beyond words. I am so thankful for the people that raised me and the life that I have been fortunate enough to live. 

Breakfast was served at 8:30am and we headed to Gerupuk, my favorite wave, right after. I was so stoked to finally surf there this trip and get some shots from Ivan and Eka. The boat ride out is my favorite, through the fishing village and gazing out at the open land. My mind wanders to never never land in times like this. It’s what I live for. 

We arrived at the outside wave and it had quite a lot of people but it was clean and consistent. I quickly paddled out to the line up and got a wave within a few minutes. I was on. Ready to dance and flow in the ocean, my smile was from ear to ear almost the entire time. I can’t count how many waves I caught, positioning myself with confidence at the peak every time. The local boys acknowledged me and commented on my surfing, I humbly said thank you and earned my respect in the water. I could have sat out there all day if the sun wasn’t so strong! The waves just kept coming and my feet kept moving. Best surf of the trip on the most perfect Thanksgiving day. 

Gerupuk surf spots boats

Back to Xanadu for lunch and some chilling at the pool. We enjoyed playing in the water and taking lifestyle photos. I’m amazed at how talented Eka and Ivan both are behind the camera, their creative, direction, eye for the good shot, is just beautiful! I love seeing what they capture and am so so so happy to be apart of it here in Lombok. 

We headed to Tanjung Aan late afternoon for some more fun shots and met up with another friend who had his motorbike on the beach. Laughing for hours and freezing these pieces of beauty, memories of a lifetime, together. It was a special time with good vibes only. I love these people!! I am inspired and uplifted by my experiences here and feel motivated to continue living my dreams, that is all I could ever ask for. Being apart of this has been MAGIC. Best believe there is much more to come. 

After a shower and relaxing sunset time we headed to The Patio Lombok for our dinner and cheerfully ate together, oh how I will miss these family times. Now off to bed! Ready to rise with the sun again tomorrow morning. Good night.

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